McKinney A/C Service

Hopper Motorplex of McKinney has an Auto Air Conditioning inspection service with the Best Prices. The Texas heat has brought many car's A/C to their knees? Too much heat is not good for you or your car. Extreme heat will cause belts and hoses to dry out, crack, and leak. In order to alleviate any more discomfort, the peace of mind from an A/C Service is only a phone call away!

Save Money at Hopper Motorplex!

For a limited time only, Hopper Motorplex is offering an A/C service for $79.99. The system check includes:

  1. Leaks & System Pressure checks
  2. Cooling & Freon Top-off (1lb)
  3. Inspection of Compressor, Belts and Hoses

Don't sweat it another minute! Call 866-315-6276 for an appointment.

Will check for leaks,check cooling, top off Freon,inspect compressor, inspect belts and hoses,check pressure –includes up to 1 lb. of freon — Not to be combined with other offers.