McKinney Oil and Filter Change Service Discount Coupon Deals

Is there ever a convenient time to get an oil and filter change? There is now! Just pick up the phone and dial 866-315-6276.

Save Money at Hopper Motorplex!

Why? Because at Hopper Motorplex in McKinney, we take pride in delivering quality, oil and filter change service at a rock-bottom price. When you call us, you will be connected to a friendly, dedicated, service manager who will oversee your vehicle maintenance needs. When you arrive, you will be greeted in our state-of-the-art, drive-in service area by your service manager. The service manager will listen and respond to any other concerns you might have about your vehicle. If there are no other concerns, then your car will be driven into the garage area for the oil and filter change special. Once the maintenance is complete, your car will be driven back into the service area for you to pick up and go on your way.

So, for a limited-time only, take advantage of this moment and call us! We have highly-trained, certified mechanics whose job it is to make sure your car gets the best treatment possible, and almost as quickly as the time it takes to complete a race car pitstop!

Call us, and you'll see what a difference our service makes in your day at Hopper Motorplex in McKinney.

Some restrictions may apply. Does not include synthetic or diesel. Includes up to 5qts. of oil. — Not to be combined with other offers.