Roush Mustang Model Review in Plano, TX

Looking for a car that’s simply a different breed than anything else on the road? If performance, speed, and quality are simply factors you can’t compromise on, you should have a look at the Roush Mustang. This Mustang is built from the ground up to deliver results unlike any other. The fact that the Mustang simply looks incredible is just another plus you can count on. Contact our sales team for more information about how you can secure your Roush Mustang in Plano, Texas today.

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What Is a Roush Mustang in Plano, TX

Founded in 1976, Roush Performance was spawned from the partnership of Jack Roush and Wayne Gapp. They began with selling motorsport designs, and Roush components became some of the most sought after pieces for anyone looking to perform on the track. Now, Roush vehicles will still outperform anything else on the road in terms of power, handling, and overall dependability. The Roush Mustang first entered circulation over 25 years ago, and to this day provides unparalleled quality. Over the years, the Roush Mustang has kept pace with improvements being made on the racetrack. That’s why, when you want to get the most out of your Mustang, you can still turn to Roush for the best package you can get to take your car to the next level.

Why Buy a Roush Mustang in Plano, TX

The Roush Mustang offers a significant upgrade over your standard Ford Mustang, with performance enhancements such as increased horsepower, an overall improvement in responsiveness and handling, and sportier driving. You’ll have the option to choose between automatic or manual transmissions, for that extra sporty feeling when you’re behind the wheel. Furthermore, the Roush will sport some chassis improvements, with Roush stylings and badges, hood heat extractors, and a unique grille. Inside, you’ll also find upgraded interiors, with premium leather seating and Roush styling throughout the cabin. Finally, with every Roush Mustang, you get a certificate of authenticity, an important note given that each one is part of a limited run. Contact our sales team for more information about the advantages of the Roush Mustang today.

Finance Your Roush Mustang With Us in Plano, TX

Does the Roush Mustang sound like you? You can finance your Roush with us in the Plano, Texas area. Through our website, you can apply for financing today for a great deal, no matter what you’re looking for. You can contact our financing team whenever you like for more information about our plans, and we can answer your questions right away. You’ll love the shopping experience here at Hopper Motorplex. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales team is here to help you get the most our of your purchase. We can help you get more information about the Roush Mustang or any other vehicle we offer. Be sure to ask about our other services, and how you can get your car delivered free within 50 miles!

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