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Sell Us Your Vehicle in Plano, TX

At Hopper Motorplex, we buy and sell automobiles. But we’re also enthusiasts who love the off-road life. We know how much time, effort, and passion our fellow enthusiasts put into their vehicles, and we respect that, because we put that same passion into the vehicles we stock. That’s why we make it easy for our customers to sell their cars. Our pricing competes with the market, not with you because we want you to come out the winner in the end. That’s true even if you’re not buying from us, you’re still our friend and neighbor at Hopper Motorplex.

It’s Easy to Value Your Trade in Plano, TX

If you want to know what your car is worth right now, just use our online form. It’s as easy as entering your VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number. This can be found on your title, registration, or insurance card. It can also be found on the inside of your driver’s side door or on the driver’s side of your dashboard where it meets the windshield. Enter your VIN, answer a few questions about the condition of your vehicle, and you’ll get an estimate in seconds.

Competitive Pricing for the Customer in Plano, TX

We’re a used car dealer, so it’s our business to know the market. We aren’t just throwing a number out there and hoping you’ll bite. Our evaluation tool and our sales professionals are constantly cross-referencing the market to find out how the value of the cars we buy stack up against the competition. We give you the right price according to what’s happening right now, and we’re totally transparent about how we reach that number. Selling to us will save you the bother and the time of haggling with private buyers or unscrupulous dealers.

Trade It in or Keep the Cash at Hopper Motorplex in Plano, TX

Of course, we hope you’re looking to buy a lifted Jeep, gently used sedan, heavy-duty work truck, or any of the other high-quality use vehicles in our inventory. But we’re not going to pressure you to buy. If you want to apply the value of your car to the purchase of one of ours, you can, and we’ll get you the best deal on financing too. But it’s a cash offer, and the cash is yours to keep if you so choose.

Contact Us for All Your Automotive Needs at Hopper Motorplex

Selling your car isn’t the only thing that’s easy at Hopper Motorplex. Our passion is custom-fitted trucks and Jeeps, and our inventory is diverse. You can find it all here. Our seasoned sales staff wants to know what you need and find it for you. We’re laid back here and are never about the hard sell. We’ve also got bilingual staff on hand for Spanish-speaking residents. Just check out our customer reviews and you’ll see that we have our friends and neighbors’ best interest at heart. Contact us today! We’re happy to answer any questions.