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About Legend Conversion:

Founded in 1998 in Fort Worth, TX, Legend Conversion is the brainchild of Kent Ellington, a visionary with 31 years of rich experience in the RV and Conversion industry. His extensive knowledge and expertise are the cornerstones of Legend Conversion’s ability to consistently deliver top-tier vans to their customers. The company’s commitment to meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of their builds sets them apart. This focus allows Legend Conversion to fine-tune every element, no matter how small, ensuring that each van is not just a product, but a masterpiece of craftsmanship and quality. 


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Custom Builds:

Legend Conversion excels in realizing your unique vision for a custom conversion van. Their remarkable expertise in crafting bespoke designs means they can build virtually anything you desire. With a commitment to precision and skill, each vehicle is not just a mode of transport, but a manifestation of your dream. Their diverse range of floor plans and custom options ensures that your specific needs and ideas are not just accommodated, but brilliantly brought to life. Choosing Legend Conversion means stepping into a world where your imagination dictates the creation of your luxurious and comfortable custom conversion van, tailored exclusively to your prefer.


A Message from Legend Conversions:

Legend Conversion is a team of highly skilled experts with over 30 years of experience building conversion vans, sprinter vans, RVs and custom truck conversions. Our team includes an upholstery division, a complete wood fabrication and design shop, as well as a full paint and body shop. This allows us to build the perfect luxury sprinter van from the ground up, with complete attention to detail in every single aspect of the build. That attention to detail is what we focus on to ensure that we build the very best sprinter van on the market that is not only luxurious looking, but safe and durable as well. We want you to enjoy the sprinter van you buy, because we enjoy building them every day for you.